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10 Tips for an Effective Jump Rope Routine

If you’re bored with walking or jogging, and aren’t thrilled with your gym options, a jump rope routine might be right for you. Jumping rope can provide an excellent, calorie-burning aerobic workout that supports your fitness goals or weight loss plan. And best of all? All you need is a jump rope, a bit of space, and a few minutes of spare time. You can pursue a jump rope workout just about anywhere!

But of course, like anything else there is a learning curve to jump rope workouts. To get started, consider these ten simple tips.

  1. Buy the right jump rope. Contrary to instinct, the lighter ropes aren’t the best for beginners. You might want to graduate to that type of rope later, when you want to attempt cool tricks. But for now, a beaded jump rope with a bit of weight is better for beginners.
  2. Choose the right length of rope. Hold the jump rope by the handles and stand in the middle of it. When pulling the handles up to your sides, they should come to just below your armpits. Choose the right length jump rope or adjust it as needed.
  3. Wear the right shoes. Even though you’re not going anywhere, jumping rope exerts similar stress on your ankles as running. So wear good, supportive athletic shoes to protect yourself.
  4. Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid tensing up.
  5. Turn the rope from your wrists, using your forearms as little as possible.
  6. Jump on the balls of your feet to protect your ankles.
  7. Keep your knees soft. Locking your knees is harsh on these joints and can lead to stress injuries.
  8. Actively engage your core muscles during the entire workout.
  9. Keep your eyes looking forward, rather than up or down.
  10. Investigate jump rope workouts on YouTube or other platforms. Professional trainers or jump rope enthusiasts can lead you through a good workout, helping you achieve the feel and motivation of  a workout class even when you’re alone.

Finally, come see us before you begin a workout routine or weight loss plan. We can help you put together an eating plan to help you reach your goals, and assess your health to make sure your exercise plans are safe.

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