Creating New Habits

Any good weight loss plan will involve replacing old, unhealthy habits with new, positive ones. But as you may have already discovered, creating new habits isn’t easy! You can’t rely on willpower alone, because willpower only lasts so long. Instead, take these steps to creating new, lasting habits the smart way. Read more

Avoiding Holiday Diet Disasters

The holiday season is upon us, and for most of us that means food, parties, and more food. For those among us who are trying to lose weight and stay healthy, the holidays can also mean diet disaster. Fortunately, recognizing you’re up against a challenge is half the battle celebrex price. Read these tips and follow them to the best of your ability, and you’ll be well armed to fight against the holiday bloat. Read more

The Connection Between Sugar and Aging

If you’ve ever gone on a diet, sugar was most likely one of the main things you had to reduce in order to meet your weight loss goal. Sugar is basically just empty calories, so if you eat a lot of sugar you end up consuming more energy than you need while reaping no nutritional benefits. The end result is excess weight coupled with some degree of malnourishment. Your body won’t get the vitamins and minerals it needs when you subsist on a high-sugar diet, unless you add even more foods to meet those needs (and therefore, even more calories). Read more

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