7 Tips to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

For most people, calorie restriction is the hardest part of any weight loss plan. It can be hard to cut back, when you’re accustomed to much larger portion sizes at meals or you have a serious snacking habit. If you find yourself overeating at meal time, try these seven tactics to keep portions under control. Read more

How to Get Even More Out of Your Walking Routine

Routine is great for keeping us on track toward our goals, but it’s also one of the reasons we often hit a fitness or weight loss plateau. If you find that your daily walk doesn’t feel challenging anymore, or if your weight loss progress has stagnated, it could be that you just need to tweak your workout so that you burn more calories. Try the following tips to make your daily walk just a bit more challenging – and rewarding! Read more

Stuck in a Fast Food Habit? Here’s How to Break It!

You’ve been running late all day, your boss asked you to take on an exhausting project, your son has soccer practice in one hour, and your daughter needs help with her science fair project. Just the thought of cooking dinner from scratch makes you want to cry… so you hit the nearest drive-through fast food restaurant. In about three minutes, you can have a 1400-calorie meal in your hands, and a bag of similar food for the whole family. Read more

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