5 Reasons to Slash Your Sugar Intake

Various kinds of sugar

Cutting back on your sugar intake is a vital part of any weight loss plan. Sugar is basically just empty calories, devoid of any nutritional value, that is dumped into your bloodstream very quickly. Since you usually won’t use that energy right away, sugar usually ends up stored in fat cells, making it difficult to lose weight if you consume large amounts of sugar. Read more

The Truth About Stevia

You know that a low-sugar diet can help you lose weight, get healthier, and even clear up your skin. But it’s hard to say no to a sweet tooth! That’s why so many people turn to artificial sweeteners. They taste a lot like sugar, but have zero calories.

Lately, Stevia is the newest thing on the sugar-free market. It’s derived from a small shrub in the chrysanthemum family, and it has actually been around since ancient times. But nowadays you might see it on store shelves under the name Truvia or Pure Via. Read more

5 Secrets of Healthy People

You know that friend: the one who stays trim from one year to the next, is always in good health, and never mentions a word about dieting or needing to lose weight. She’s just naturally fit, and it doesn’t appear that she has to work at it. She doesn’t struggle to lose the same twenty pounds over and over, and is always bouncing around full of energy. Read more

8 Ways to Fight Food Cravings

No matter how dedicated you are to your weight loss plan, you are going to have cravings from time to time. And unfortunately, most of us don’t crave lettuce on a regular basis! Your cravings are probably for unhealthy foods that won’t support your weight loss goals, so most of the time you will have to find some way to overcome those urges. Read more

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