5 Signs You’re Getting Healthier

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When you’re working toward a weight loss goal, it’s understandable that you might focus on seeing a different number on the scale. However, you should remember that you’re also doing this for your health, and that one number should not be used exclusively as a measure of your success.

If that number isn’t changing as much as you’d like – or even if it is – remember to look for these other five signs that you’re getting healthier. Read more

The Surprising Factor that Might Jeopardize Your Nutrition Plan

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You’re counting calories, faithfully staying within your allotted range, and exercising daily. And yet, your weight loss results are disappointing. You haven’t lost as much weight as you expected, or maybe you haven’t lost any weight at all! Sound familiar?

There are many different reasons this could happen, such as building muscle to replace fat (and therefore your results might not show on the scale). But sometimes dieters make serious errors in calorie calculations, and we’ve discovered one surprising reason why bupropion online. Read more

The Real Trick to Long-Term Weight Loss

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Various authors, exercise gurus, and business people have made billions of dollars off weight loss. One reason the business is so lucrative is that there are always returning customers! In other words, people who lose weight tend to gain it back… then try another diet…. then gain back the weight once again. Quite a few of us are stuck on the weight loss merry-go-round. Read more

7 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

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In recent years, yoga has become increasingly popular as a form of exercise. It’s low-impact, helps to stretch and tone muscles, and even an exercise novice can easily fit into a beginner class. But beyond exercise, yoga actually offers many other benefits to your health. Read more

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