Your Food Diary: Should You Include Supplements?

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Creating a food diary is one of the most common weight loss strategies. Your food diary can help you understand your dietary habits, identify areas that need change, and lend a sense of control over your food choices. You know that you need to write down each meal, snack, or even “just a few bites” that you consume throughout the day. But what about dietary supplements? Do those count? Read more

Can Tea Really Help with Detox and Weight Loss?

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Every few years, a new health and weight loss trend comes along to confuse us all. We wonder, Is this just a marketing gimmick? Could this be the answer to my weight loss dilemma? Can this really make me healthier?

With most of these trends, there are usually some underlying truths to the claim, along with quite a bit of misconceptions and out-of-proportion claims. Here is what you need to know about the popular “tea detox” programs you’ve been seeing. Read more

Why You Need to Spend More Time Eating

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As you put together your weight loss plan, one of the things you’re probably doing is changing how you eat. You’re changing what you eat, how often you eat, your relationship with food in general, and more. So if we suggest that you spend more time thinking about food, shopping for food, and eating food, you might think we’re trying to sabotage your weight loss plan! But there are actually some very solid reasons that you should pay more attention to food, not less, if you want to lose weight. Read more

Cut Calories With These Simple Food Swaps

You want to cut back on the calories you consume, but all of your favorite foods are high calorie! Ah, yes, it’s the endless conundrum of weight loss diets. You know that consuming fewer calories is the key to losing weight, but you have to eat something. And life is no fun when all of your favorite foods are off limits! Read more

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