Does Appearance Really Affect Career Success?

Pretty Asian businesswoman looking at camera in working environment

We’ve all heard those stories about supermodels who purchase enormous insurance polices on their legs or face. It sounds silly, but it makes sense. Models make a living based off their appearance, and if anything should happen to their aesthetic appeal, their career goes down the drain. These insurance policies help to protect their income and standard of living. Read more

4 Diet Tweaks that Can Get You Off the Weight Loss Plateau

It’s the dreaded moment in every weight loss journey: You hit the “weight loss plateau”, and despite all of your efforts, you can’t seem to lose any more weight.

Actually, you can. You’re just a bit stuck right now, because your body has become accustomed to a routine. Try these four diet tweaks to get that number on the scale moving (downward) again. Read more

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Through a Difficult Workout

Your alarm clock wakes you from a deep sleep, and your finger creeps toward that snooze button. You really don’t want to pry yourself out of your cozy bed and go for a run. But your finger hovers over the button as you reconsider. You know that you don’t need to skip your workout… How can you motivate yourself to get up and get going? Read more

Trying Everything and Still Not Losing Weight?

Sad looking woman, on diet, with plate filled with measuring tape instead of food, diet concept

You seem to be doing everything right. You’re logging everything you eat in a food journal, you’re keeping track of caloric intake, and you’re exercising regularly. However, much to your frustration, you’re still not losing weight! Could there be another factor at play, that is impeding your success? Read more

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