3 Ways to Make Your Eating Plan Easier

One of the primary frustrations most people feel, regarding their weight loss plan, is that the regimen is just too inconvenient to follow. And naturally, we don’t tend to stick with lifestyle changes that are too difficult or uncomfortable. There are a variety of ways to address your concerns, depending upon the exact problem, but the following three tactics can make a weight loss plan more convenient and acceptable to most people. Read more

3 Ways to Prevent Yo-Yo Weight

We all know someone who has lost an impressive amount of weight by following a weight loss plan… only to regain some or all of the weight later. That person might even have been you in the past. Why do some people regain lost weight, and what can you do about it? Read more

5 Steps to Effective Food Journaling

When it comes to food journaling, or food logging, you will probably hear two different stories from those who have tried it. About half will say that a food journal was immensely helpful for their weight loss efforts, and about half will say it was too time-consuming or difficult. The first group would obviously encourage you to give it a go. As for the second group, we know that what works for some people simply doesn’t work for others… Or maybe the tactic would have been helpful, if they had better structured their efforts. Read more

3 Nutrition Myths That You Can Forget

If you’re pursuing a weight loss plan, or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, you’re going to find yourself inundated with advice. Online, in person, on magazine covers in the check-out line… Everywhere you look, someone is pushing a new nutrition “fact” at you. Read more

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