5 Things to Do On Your Rest Days

Regular workouts are key to your weight loss plan, but so are rest days. On rest days, you offer your body a chance to recuperate from a week of hard work. In order to make progress toward building lean muscle tissue, or just to prevent soreness and overall fatigue, your body needs a day off. Plus, it can be good to give yourself a mental break from busy schedules and the constant focus on burning calories.

Of course, you want to make the most of these rest days, too. Here are five ways you can support your health when you take a day off from exercise, that also support your overall weight loss plan.

Eat protein. Continue to meet your protein goals for the day. Even though you’re not working out, protein carries many other benefits. And your muscles need it as they repair and build strength.

Hydrate. Without your regular sweat session, you might not feel as thirsty. But your body still needs plenty of water for digestion and other processes, so remember to keep that bottle filled and nearby for sipping.

Take a nap. You should continue your regular sleeping and waking times on rest days, so that you don’t throw off your overall sleep schedule. But if you feel the need for an afternoon nap, take it! This is your body’s way of healing and getting stronger.

Take care of your mental and emotional health. When you’re pursuing a weight loss plan, so much focus is diverted to your physical body. While mental and emotional health care should be integrated into your daily habits, rest days provide a great opportunity to do a little something extra for yourself. Schedule a spa day, meditate, or engage in some other form of self care that is soothing for you.

Get moving, but gently. Rest days don’t have to be entirely sedentary. You can give your muscles a break while enjoying more gentle forms of activity. Go on a leisurely stroll or play with the kids in the yard. The outdoor time will be good for your body and mind.

As always, contact us if you need support for your weight loss plan. We can help you set a workout schedule and eating plan that work for your body type and goals.

6 Ways A Lifestyle Change Might Surprise You

If you’ve decided to pursue a lifestyle change, such as a weight loss plan or fitness regimen, you probably have one or two end goals in mind. But once you get started, you might quickly find yourself surprised with the experience. For example…

Portion sizes matter for healthy foods, too. Even healthy foods contain calories. For example, about 8 walnuts pack about 100 calories, and one avocado contains about 230 calories. These foods also provide plenty of beneficial nutrients, but that doesn’t mean you should eat all you want of them.

Exercise can be deceptive. Even a tough workout might burn as many calories as you think. Using a calorie app can help you learn how calories are burned through activity, so you don’t accidentally overestimate (and make dietary errors as a result).

Your taste buds will probably change. After a few months on a weight loss plan, you might decide to try one of your old favorite meals. Not only will it taste different (usually not as good as before); you might not be able to finish your usual portion. This is a sign that your body is adjusting to new, healthier habits.

You’re never “done”. If you think of a weight loss plan as a temporary change to help you lose weight, then the lost weight will return when you discontinue the plan. That’s why we urge our patients to think of their plan as a lifestyle change. When you change your habits permanently, you not only lose weight for good but also stay healthier in the long run.

You might notice unexpected benefits. Most people pursue a lifestyle change because they want to change their appearance or ward off the development of heart disease or diabetes. But after following a weight loss plan for a few months, you might notice unexpected benefits, like more energy, a better mood, or fewer aches and pains.

You affect others more than you think. You mostly started this journey for yourself, but you might quickly discover that your friends and family are inspired by your success. It can feel a little strange to suddenly enjoy the limelight, receiving compliments, and being asked for advice. Try to enjoy it! You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned your time to shine.

The Number One Way to Escape Your Cravings

We all struggle with cravings from time to time. But when you’re following a medical weight loss plan, those pesky cravings suddenly seem ten times stronger. Whatever the reason for your urges, learning an effective way to curb them will become key to your success.

As it turns out, the best way to ward off cravings might also be the simplest: Simply, and quite literally, walk away from them! Recent research shows that going for a brisk, fifteen-minute walk was effective in helping chocolate cravers stave off the urge to indulge. Other research has shown this habit to be useful to smokers as well, so it’s likely that taking off for a quick stroll is effective at reducing cravings of all types.

If you can’t get outside for a walk, strolling around your office building can suffice. Others might find a treadmill to be helpful. But if you can, do head outdoors, because the exposure to sunlight can help to regulate your mood and ward off depression which are common triggers for cravings.

Even better, it can be helpful to keep a journal of your feelings as you proceed with your medical weight loss plan. You might begin to notice that certain situations tend to prompt cravings, such as stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, and so on. If you can identify those moments and then anticipate them, you’ll get a step ahead (pun intended) of your cravings.

For example, if you learn the work stress tends to trigger a craving, start by identifying the moments that contribute to your stress. When you begin to notice those events happening, go ahead and take a brief walk before your cravings strike.

And of course, we’re always here for you if you have any questions or need support for your medical weight loss plan. Give us a call, and we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns.

6 Tips for Easy Weekly Meal Planning

When you’re following a weight loss plan, knowing what to eat is only half the battle. In most cases, following through on those promises to yourself can hold numerous challenges. Since your eating plan will probably involve cooking more of your own meals, in addition to packing lunches and snacks for your work days, meal planning becomes absolutely paramount to your success.

For many people, this chore is best accomplished when performed on a weekly basis. Just follow these six tips to make meal planning a bit easier, and you’ll free up more time and save yourself stress during the week.

Pick the right time for meal prep. You need a few hours of uninterrupted time in the kitchen, ideally at a time that you’re feeling energetic and motivated. For many people this means Sunday afternoon is the best time for meal prep, but adjust your timing as your schedule demands.

Plan around your ingredients, then shop to complete your list. What ingredients do you already have on hand? What do you need to prepare a week’s worth of meals and snacks? What recipes interest you right now? Make a list, head to the grocery store, and get what you need.

Opt for shortcuts. What part of meal prep requires the most time, or is your least-liked chore? It’s okay to purchase pre-chopped veggies or frozen options. You can also choose pre-cooked rotisserie chickens, beets that are already roasted, lentils that are ready to eat from the package, or eggs that have already been hardboiled and peeled.

Double up. Cook enough of one meal that you can stretch it into two.

Use veggies throughout the week. If you take the time to cut up and prepare vegetables, use them in several meals. You can switch up your veggies next week and still get plenty of variety in your diet.

Try one new recipe each week. Trying different foods can help to prevent bored, and you’re more likely to stick to your weight loss plan in the long run.

If you do need more help planning your meals and snacks, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you decide what you need to be eating each day in order to reach your goals.

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