4 Ways to Prevent the Winter Blues

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve noticed that winter often brings a touch of loneliness, sadness, or lethargy. And in some people, these “winter blues” can morph into a full-blown depression, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Unfortunately, the symptoms of SAD can cause you to withdraw and lose interest in things that were important to you, such as your weight loss plan. Read more

15 Foods to Support Your Immune System

As you are well aware, cold and flu season is going strong this winter. Those, and other viruses, tend to flourish in indoor locations during the cool months of the year. And you know that regularly washing your hands, avoiding close contact with others, and refraining from touching our faces can help to prevent the spread of viruses. But what else can you do? Read more

3 Hints for Choosing the Best Workout

When you first decide to follow a weight loss plan, you face a number of decisions. You know that you need to change the way you eat, and you know that you should choose some form of exercise. We can help with the first part. As for the exercise, follow these three tips to help you decide upon a form of activity that supports your goals. Read more

The Pros and Cons of Sparkling Water

When it comes to weight loss, everyone seems to have different opinions on what works and does not work. Some swear that certain foods or beverages aided their efforts, while others will swear to you that they will undermine your entire plan. So who is right? And how much weight do we give to personal anecdotes? Read more

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