Eat This, Not That, to Reduce Inflammation

You’ve probably heard a lot about “inflammation”, and your impression is that it’s a bad thing. Actually, when the body’s immune system activates to fight off an invader (such as a virus or bacteria), inflammation can be a good thing! But when the immune system fails to “switch off”, chronic inflammation can definitely become a problem and cause serious damage. That’s the type of inflammation you’ve probably heard about, and the type that our medical weight loss plan seeks to address. Read more

How Walking Can Support Your Health Goals

If we put together a medical weight loss program for you, we will first discuss how you should be eating. Then, the next decision concerns exercise. Many of our patients choose to take up walking, because it’s convenient, easy, and does not require a gym membership. You probably know several people who say that they lost a significant amount of weight simply by walking every day. Read more

3 Ways to Burn Calories in Your Sleep

Nothing can replace the benefits of exercise, especially if you’re following a medical weight loss plan. Not only will exercise burn calories and support your weight loss goals; it’s good for your cardiovascular system, too. But we all burn calories throughout the day, when we’re going about our usual activities – and even while we sleep! Read more

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