What NOT to Eat Before Exercise

How are you feeling during your workouts? You know that breathing more heavily, sweating, and getting a bit tired during exercise is just another part of your overall weight loss plan. Even a bit of soreness (but not too much) is okay. But some feelings might be bothersome, or even a sign that something is going wrong. And if you’re feeling bloated and gassy, or having abdominal pain during exercise, you probably feel less motivated to keep going. Read more

5 Ways to Reset Your Motivation

At the beginning of the year, you might have decided upon a few New Year’s resolutions. Then you got off to a great start, feeling good about your plans for the year.

But now that we’ve reached the end of March, it’s about the time most people begin to feel a bit less motivated. Maybe your mindset has shifted toward spring cleaning, or you’re just bored with your weight loss plan and exercise routine. Whatever the reasons, take these five steps to get motivated again. Read more

Yes, You Can Eat Cheese on a Healthy Meal Plan!

When you first start a healthy eating plan, giving up your favorite foods might be one of your main concerns. Change is good, especially healthy changes, but none of us like the idea of losing too much of the things we enjoy. Well, for you cheese lovers out there, we have some good news: Yes, cheese can be a part of a healthy diet! Read more

4 Reasons to Eat More Carbs

One component of a medical weight loss plan is monitoring the calories you consume, especially from carbohydrates. And some people do find success with cutting out carbs almost entirely! But for most of us, that isn’t really the best plan. In fact, if you notice any of these following things happening, you might need to increase your carb consumption a bit. Read more

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