Is This the Secret to a Flatter Stomach?

As you pursue your medical weight loss plan, we hope you’ll be thrilled with watching the numbers on your scale change. Gradually, over a period of months, you will watch that number drop as you shed unwanted pounds from your body. But while weight is one thing, body composition is another. We can’t really control where the fat loss comes from, and which areas of our body begin to look slim the soonest. What we can control is our exercise habits, so you can take measures to tone up any areas that are bothering you. Read more

The 3 Keys to Long Term Weight Loss

It’s a story we hear every day: I’ve tried everything! Sometimes I lose a bit of weight, but it always comes back. Some programs didn’t work at all! What am I doing wrong? How can I lose weight and keep it off for good? 

The thing is, the weight loss industry makes billions of dollars per year for a reason! If it were easy, everyone could do it easily, keep the weight off, and the industry would lose all of their customers. But as we all know, that’s not the case. So what is the secret to long-term weight loss – meaning, keeping the weight off for good? Read more

4 Tips to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

As you pursue a medical weight loss plan, time will become your ally. You need time for meal planning, prepping, and cooking, and you also need time for your daily exercise. But this part of the program can present a challenge for some of us, who live busy lifestyles without much free time. These four tips can help you overcome that obstacle and fit exercise into your day. Read more

The Truth About These Common Aging Myths

We live in a culture that prizes youthful beauty, and so it’s no wonder that many of us go to great lengths to try and look younger. But along with some real, medical advancements in anti-aging technology, we are also subject to quite a few silly rumors. Here’s the truth about some of the common myths around aging. Read more

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