3 Strategies to Separate Emotions and Eating

For most of our clients following a medical weight loss plan, counting calories and learning the ropes at the gym can be the “easy” part. The harder part is addressing the reasons that so many of us overeat in the first place. Often those habits are rooted in emotions, and can be much more difficult to change.

If you feel that you frequently engage in “emotional eating”, or craving certain foods for emotional reasons, learning to separate emotions from physical hunger cues will be key to your medical weight loss success. These three strategies can help. Read more

The First Step to Sound Nutrition

You might think the first step to eating a healthier diet would be to consume more vegetables or increase your protein intake. But actually, the very first thing you should do is something fairly simple yet surprisingly important: Learn to read nutrition labels! Read more

7 Ways to Reduce Your Calorie Intake

A medical weight loss plan will require changes to both what you eat, and how much you eat. For many people, reducing calorie intake is the biggest challenge of the plan, especially when you’re accustomed to snacking frequently or indulging in large meals. These seven tips will help you keep your portions (and daily calorie count) under control. Read more

Are Those Calorie Counters Even Correct?

We always hope to support our medical weight loss clients in any way possible, and that can include steering them toward the fitness apps and devices that help them. But if you’ve tried apps, trackers, and even exercise equipment that includes calorie counters, you might have noticed wide discrepancies in their numbers. So are those calorie counters even accurate? And should you bother with them? Read more

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