The Challenge of Shifting from Weight Loss to Weight Maintenance

Even though it’s challenging, we do celebrate patients reaching their medical weight loss goals all the time! And if you’ve ever looked around at the magazine racks while waiting in line at the grocery store, you’ve seen the splashy headlines announcing miraculous weight loss results for both celebrities and regular people. People succeed at weight loss all the time! But then, as we switch gears into weight maintenance, some experience a bit of frustration or even regain a few pounds. Why? Read more

Should You Skip Your Workout Today?

Regular exercise will become an important part of your medical weight loss plan, so you might wonder why we would advise you to skip a workout. Yes, it good to stick to a workout routine, and we definitely urge you not to procrastinate about it. But that doesn’t mean there are never good reasons to skip a workout. Sometimes exercise could be unsafe and increase your risk of injury.

If any of these situations affect you, it’s probably best to take a rest day. Read more

How Your Beverages Can Undermine Your Health Goals

For most of our medical weight loss clients, their very first lesson is on nutrition and calories in food. Many worry that their eating plans won’t be any fun, and so we talk about ways to make healthy foods more tasty and festive. But beverages are another concern. For those who enjoy beer, wine, or cocktails, giving those up can feel like quite a challenge. Read more

Don’t Like Water? Try These Solutions

As with other health programs, you’ll be urged to drink water regularly when you’re following a medical weight loss plan. Not only does water help to reglate appetite and promote healthy digestion; you’ll need it when you stick to a consistent exercise routine. But unfortunately, we often hear that our clients don’t like the taste of water.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes our taste buds just need time to adjust after years of relying upon sodas and other sweet beverages. But there might be other reasons water tastes bad to you. These solutions can help, either temporarily while you adjust to a lifestyle change, or permanently. Read more

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