How Can I Get Enough Protein in My Diet?

For many of our medical weight loss clients, learning a different balance of nutrients in their eating plans becomes the primary challenge. We focus a lot on protein, because adequate protein in the diet helps you feel full, keeps your blood sugar more even, and provides the proper building blocks for lean muscle tissue (which actually helps to boost metabolism). But some of you wonder, does eating a lot of protein mean a strong focus on foods sourced from animals? Or are there other sources of protein? Read more

6 Ways to Make Healthy Smoothies

Some of our medical weight loss patients tell us that they run short on time for meal prep, and need quick and easy meal ideas that they can take on go. That’s especially true in the mornings, when everyone is busy getting the family off to school and work. If you’ve wondered whether smoothies can fit into your meal plan, the answer is absolutely! Read more

10 Foods That Help to Keep You Hydrated in the Summer Heat

It certainly feels like someone turned up the thermostat outside! We hope you’re enjoying your summer, and spending plenty of time at the beach or by the pool. But summer heat can also be extremely dehydrating, the point that it can be dangerous. This is especially true for people over 65, very young children, those who work outdoors, and anyone who is exercising vigorously. Read more

5 Great Reasons to Include Citrus in Your Meals

Many people love citrus, especially here in Southern California where the fruit is plentiful.  You might even swear by your vitamin C for preventing colds and the flu.  Fruits and veggies, in general, make up part of a balanced medical weight loss plan, but there are actually several other very important reasons to include citrus fruits in your diet, such as… Read more

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