April 22, 2024 mdchino

3 Reasons to Give Pool Walking a Try

Switching up your exercise routine is key to keeping things interesting and challenging, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. Plus, preventing boredom can help you stick with your medical weight loss plan long-term.

Pool walking might not be on your radar, but here are three reasons why trainers and physical therapists often suggest it.

Improves Cardio: Spending 20 to 45 minutes walking in the pool gets your heart pumping in the target zone for a solid cardiovascular workout. The best part? It’s low-impact, so you can really push yourself without worrying about hurting your joints.

Aids Recovery: When you’re nursing an injury, the last thing you want to do is stress the affected area. Pool walking lets you stay active while you heal, and the water’s buoyancy helps you improve your range of motion without discomfort. Plus, there’s less risk of falls compared to exercising on land.

Customizable: Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness pro, pool walking can be adapted to your level. Beginners can stick to simple back-and-forth walking in the shallow end, while more advanced folks can turn it into a high-intensity interval training session. You can also adjust the depth of the water to match your abilities.

If you’re thinking about incorporating pool walking into your medical weight loss plan, here are some ways to amp it up:

  • Gradually pick up the pace
  • Increase the duration of your walks to build endurance
  • Walk against a current for added resistance
  • Use webbed gloves to intensify arm movements
  • Try deep-water walking with a flotation belt
  • Explore Tabata-style pool classes or create your own workout
  • Add weights for an extra challenge
  • Swap pool walking for walks in the ocean or by the lake

Give it a shot, and let us know how it goes! And remember, safety first—never swim or exercise alone in water over your head. If you’re unsure, come in for a health assessment. We can discuss your exercise routine and, if applicable, your medical weight loss goals.

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