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3 Reasons to Pursue a Strength Training Regimen

As you design your weight loss program, it’s common to focus on a healthy eating plan and perhaps some exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, or biking. So you might be surprised to learn that many people have found strength training to be the key to long term success. Why is this, and how can strength training help you?

Yes, you will burn calories. Your strength training workout will burn calories, of course. Another benefit is that the calorie burn is extended during the “repair” process which lasts for about 48 hours afterward. It’s called the “afterburn effect”.

Burn belly fat. As many frustrated people will tell you, a weight loss program can help you burn through fat stores, but you don’t really get to choose where that fat is burned. That’s why some people can lose a significant amount of weight, and still struggle with belly fat. So you might think that exercise has the same effect; it burns calories, but you don’t get to choose where, right?

Actually, a study has shown that those who pursue strength training regimens burn more fat in the belly region than those who stick to aerobic exercise only. Another study showed that combining strength training with moderate-intensity aerobic exercise is the key to reducing belly fat. Either way, strength training seems to hold an important key in this process.

Improve your overall metabolic rate. You probably know that your resting metabolic rate – the rate at which you burn calories even when you’re sitting on the couch – is a big key to your weight loss program. But why?

Put simply, muscles require more daily energy (calories). So, those with more muscle tissue will have higher metabolic rates. These are the people who can eat a bit more and maintain their weights. Or, in this case, they will be the people who see more significant results from a weight loss program.

For more information on exercise and how it fits into your overall weight loss program, give us a call. We can help you design a fitness routine that fits into your schedule and helps you meet your goals for better health.


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