May 18, 2020 mdchino

3 Rules to Remember About Virtual Workouts

Virtual workouts can be a terrific tool for those who can’t get to a gym, or simply prefer to work out at home. But because virtual training does place a bit more of the responsibility on your shoulders, remember to follow these guidelines with regard to your online workouts.

Pay close attention to form. Without an in-person trainer to notice when your form is lacking, and help you correct it, you could face a slightly higher risk of injury. Pay extra attention to parts of videos that demonstrate form, or even Google the correct form for certain exercises if the video lacks a sufficient explanation. Working out in front of a mirror can help you to fine-tune your technique. And as always, stop exercising if something feels like it strains your body in an inappropriate way. Aside from mild soreness a day or so later, exercise should not cause significant pain.

Find a way to stay accountable. If you’re using a program that requires you to “check in”, you might already be exercising consistently. But for those using less demanding programs, you will need to find a way to hold yourself accountable. Create a workout schedule, share with friends, or consider creating a group on social media to support one another. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, so just find something that motivates you.

Give it your all. Without an in-person trainer, there’s no one to notice if you skip a few repetitions or use sloppier form at the end of a workout. Remember that once you’ve committed to a program, you won’t reap the full results unless you follow it faithfully to the end. Focus on following through, and set up a reward system (not with food, of course) for completing workouts consistently.

If you have any other questions about your virtual workout program, give us a call. We can help you troubleshoot any difficulties you’re having, and establish the right routine to help you achieve your health goals.

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