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3 Steps to Stay Healthy When You’re Lonely

It’s no secret that our moods influence our physical health. Not only can stress impact our immune system and hormones that control weight gain; stress can simply tempt you to overeat and under-exercise. If you’re following a medical weight loss plan, feelings of loneliness and other types of stress can interfere with your dedication to the program.

And let’s face it: Many of us are feeling lonely these days. Working from home is popular for numerous reasons, but loneliness is a common side effect. On top of that, we’re all so busy that who has time for socializing?

And so, you might be feeling less motivated toward your weight loss plan. These three steps can help you get back on track.

Remember the real reason. Yes, some people lose weight because they’re dating or have an important social occasion coming up. But in absence of those events, does that mean you should lose your motivation? No, because being healthy every day and avoiding chronic weight-related diseases is the real reason to get healthier.

Get out of your rut. If you work from home, change out of pajamas and get dressed like you’re going to the office. Or, actually do go somewhere. Work from a coffee shop or other location with Wifi access. And while you’re at it, change up your exercise routine. Try something more social, like a class, or invite a friend to work out with you at home.

Anticipate, then avoid. Your feelings of loneliness might strike at predictable times, such as late at night. If you spot a pattern, learn to avoid these feelings by subverting them. Plan activities at that time so that you aren’t tempted to reach for food as a distraction.

And of course, always make an appointment with us to discuss any feelings that might undermine your medical weight loss goals. We can help you troubleshoot your situation and decide how best to reach your goals.

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