January 10, 2023 mdchino

3 Tips to Age More Gracefully

You probably know many people over age 60 or so. And you might have noticed that people tend to age in drastically different ways. One person is still running marathons at 70, while another has already been diagnosed with numerous health problems at 60. So how can you ensure that you’re one of the lucky ones?

There’s no way to guarantee that, because some things are based on genetics (which you didn’t choose) and luck (and no one would choose bad luck).  We do know that certain choices and habits can speed up or slow down the aging process, or make you more or less likely to contract certain age-related diseases, while other things simply help you manage your aging more comfortably.

So what can you do to slow down the clock? These three practices can be very helpful at helping you stay fit and healthy.

Eat fat. Yes, really! Many people cut most fats out of their diets, mistakenly believing that a low-fat diet is healthier. While it’s true that saturated fat isn’t good for you, unsaturated fats actually help to control your blood cholesterol levels, help you to maintain correct hormone levels, and contribute to more youthful skin. So make sure you’re eating enough unsaturated fats.

Exercise wisely. Exercise tones muscles and keeps your weight under control, while fighting numerous age-related diseases. You don’t need to pursue anything too intense, because injuries are more common as we age. Extreme cardio exercise can also release free radicals into your body as you burn fat cells. Moderate cardio exercise paired with weight training and a stretching routine (like Yoga) provide the perfect mix of activities to keep your body healthy and strong.

Focus on brain health. Keep your brain active by reading, pursuing social activities, and practicing crosswords or other puzzles. We often focus so much on the body that we forget to take care of our minds, but mental health is just as important as physical.

Of course, come see us if you’re interested in gentle aesthetic treatments to turn back the clock on aging. We want to help you look just as good on the outside as you feel on the inside!

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