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3 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

At Serenity MD, we specialize in topics like medical weight loss and aesthetic treatments. We understand that you want to live a healthy, happy life while looking (and feeling) your best! So often, we focus on topics like exercise, diet, and cosmetic treatments in our blogs.

However, most of us spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. And we have good reasons for doing so. Not only do we need sleep to rejuvenate our bodies and minds; we need it to maintain appropriate levels of hormones that regulate things like appetite and metabolism. Plus, have you noticed that when you don’t get enough sleep, it shows?

Since sleep is one of the most important factors in weight management, beauty, and overall health, keep these three tips in mind.

Exercise. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that those who exercise daily are more tired (and better able to fall asleep quickly) than those who don’t exercise. But don’t schedule that exercise too late in the day, or you’ll trigger an adrenaline surge that keeps you up for hours. That’s why many people swear by morning exercise, or at least an early-afternoon routine.

Stay off your phone. Light from your smart phone or tablet’s screen can disrupt brain waves, and trick your mind into think it’s still daytime. Stay off of your phone, tablet, or laptop for at least two hours before your target bedtime. This rule applies to the TV as well.

Get the right equipment. Yes, proper sleep requires the right “equipment”! How many of us really get a good night’s sleep without a comfortable mattress, a dark bedroom, and peace and quiet? Pick up some ear plugs, room darkening shades, a blindfold, a noise machine, a new pillow, or even a new mattress and bedding. Sleep is important, and your health is worth the price tag of these items.

If you’re getting plenty of sleep and following a healthy diet, but still don’t feel rested or you aren’t meeting your medical weight loss goals, give us a call. We can screen you for underlying metabolic problems, or other health disorders that might impact your weight or your general level of health.

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