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3 Ways to Address Loose Skin

After a successful medical weight loss plan, you’re probably feeling better than ever. And hopefully you’re very satisfied with your appearance, too. But after a drastic weight loss, some people do report that they’re dissatisfied with the amount of loose skin they have.

What causes loose skin? You might have noticed that some people can lose a hundred pounds and not display too much of it, while other people might lose only fifty pounds and yet are shocked at the amount of loose skin left over. It comes down to a number of factors, one of which is genetics (and you can’t change that).

The speed at which you lose weight can also contribute to loose skin, with faster weight loss sometimes contributing to more laxity. After all, that skin stretched over time. You can’t necessarily expect it to snap right back like a rubber band.

And finally, sometimes nutrition plays a role. Eating a healthy diet with the right mix of nutrients helps to support not only your health, but also things like your skin and hair.

But of course, none of those reasons matter to you once you’ve discovered loose skin. At this point you just want to know what you can do about it.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking lots of water helps to hydrate your skin and improve its overall appearance. Hydrated skin appears less “wrinkly” and has a nice glow.

Lift weights. Lifting weight helps to improve muscle tone, which can also make skin appear more firm. If you haven’t already, work with a personal trainer who can help you address your individual goals.

Talk to your doctor. We want you to feel good in your “new” body! If you’re worried about the appearance of loose skin after your medical weight loss plan has concluded, talk to us about it. Schedule an appointment and we will consult about your medical and aesthetic options for loose skin, stretch marks, and anything else that might concern you.

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