April 19, 2022 mdchino

3 Ways to Boost the Health Benefits of Sleep

Boosting metabolism is one of the core rules of a good weight loss plan. And so, we often focus on exercise as a way to burn more calories. But did you realize that you burn calories all the time, even when you’re sleeping? And there are ways to maximize those benefits.

In order to burn more calories while you sleep, try these three strategies.

Sleep in a cool room. Burning fat to maintain body temperature is a part of everyon’s basic metabolism, because humans are warm-blooded animals. In order to boost your calorie burn while you sleep, turn down the thermostat so that your metabolism has to work a bit harder to keep you warm. But don’t turn it down so much that you’re waking up cold all night; sacrificing sleep quality will hurt you in other ways.

Build muscle tissue. We all burn calories all the time, just to maintain our body tissues. But muscle requires more energy than fat. So if you incorporate a muscle training routine into your overall fitness regimen, you can encourage your metabolism to work harder. And yes, this happens even when you’re not working out… And even while you sleep!

Eat protein at night. Your last meal of the day should be heavy on the protein. Protein is burned more slowly, keeping you satiated, and helps you to avoid quick blood sugar spikes that lead to energy being stored in fat cells. You’ll wake up less ravenous in the morning, and not as likely to reach for quick energy from sugary carbs like muffins and donuts.

And of course, do make an appointment with us to discuss your metabolism. We can help you maximize your diet, exercise, and other habits such as sleep, to support your overall weight loss plan.


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