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3 Ways to Burn Calories in Your Sleep

Nothing can replace the benefits of exercise, especially if you’re following a medical weight loss plan. Not only will exercise burn calories and support your weight loss goals; it’s good for your cardiovascular system, too. But we all burn calories throughout the day, when we’re going about our usual activities – and even while we sleep!

It might surprise you to learn that a 150-pound person will burn about 440 calories during seven hours of sleep! Your metabolism keeps chugging along, even when you’re at rest. And, as with other calorie burn figures, that number can vary according to body composition and other factors.

So now you might wonder if there’s any way to bump up your metabolism a bit more, so that you burn additional calories when you’re just watching TV or sleeping. Yes, you can, although we must state once again that nothing replaces actual exercise. If you want to increase the rate at which your body naturally burns through energy while resting, try these three tricks.

Build muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fat, per pound, even though a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. That’s why some people can see their body start to look drastically different, even as the numbers on the scale change very slowly. If you want to boost your metabolism, burning off fat and replacing it with lean muscle tissue is the way to go.

Turn down the thermostat. Your body will burn fat stores to keep warm, so sleep in a cool room. Just don’t turn down the temp so low that you’re waking up cold all night; you’ll be tired and sluggish the next day, and feel tempted to skip your exercise routine.

Focus on protein for the last meal of the day. Protein will digest more slowly throughout the night, keeping your metabolism going. You’ll also be less likely to wake up ravenous and tempted to over-indugle in carbs or sugary treats.

Remember, the best way to change your body size and shape is to follow your medical weight loss plan precisely. But these little tricks to boost your metabolism during sleep can definitely help to support your results. If you need more tips and tricks to help you reach your goals, call us to discuss your unique case.

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