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3 Ways to Make Your Eating Plan Easier

One of the primary frustrations most people feel, regarding their weight loss plan, is that the regimen is just too inconvenient to follow. And naturally, we don’t tend to stick with lifestyle changes that are too difficult or uncomfortable. There are a variety of ways to address your concerns, depending upon the exact problem, but the following three tactics can make a weight loss plan more convenient and acceptable to most people.

Don’t eat foods that you hate. If you’re constantly forcing yourself to eat eggs, just because your nutritionist said they’re a great source of protein, you might not last long on your eating plan if eggs are one of your most hated foods. There is no need to choke down foods you find unpalatable. If experimenting with different recipes or preparations doesn’t work, then feel free to skip the hated item. Focus on finding healthy foods that you do enjoy, instead.

Don’t cut out entire food groups. Your weight loss plan might require you to begin eating more of one food group and less of another. In other words, you might change your proportion of nutrients and their sources. But in most cases there is no need to cut out entire food groups. This can lead to nutritional imbalance and dissatisfaction with your eating regimen. Even worse, no one sticks to a diet that is horribly inconvenient; if you can’t eat out with friends occasionally, or if most of your favorite meal options are completely off limits, you will be tempted to ditch your weight loss plan.

Don’t establish “cheat days”. Although it sounds reasonable on the surface, the mentality behind “cheat days” can undermine your entire weight loss plan. Avoid viewing certain foods as “off limits” and “rewards” for good behavior. Instead, seek to inform yourself of proper nutrition and serving sizes, learn what your body needs to be healthy, and become aware of things that detract from your goals. Over time you will adjust your mentality toward food. And yes, you will be able to indulge in the occasional treat, but you will do it reasonably and responsibly.

These rules are just some general guidelines that will help most people. But for professional medical guidance toward a weight loss plan that really works, give us a call. We can offer you the knowledge and support to reach your goal weight and keep the unwanted pounds off your body for good.

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