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3 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Exercise will become an important part of your overall medical weight loss program. It’s just as important as your nutrition plan! But for many of us, it can be hard to stay motivated to exercise. You might assume you’ll rely upon willpower, and just force yourself through a routine every day.

Actually, we don’t recommend that you rely solely upon willpower. That’s because willpower runs out for all of us, even the most determined. What happens when your willpower runs out? Developing a more well-rounded attitude toward exercise can benefit you in numerous ways, both with regard to your medical weight loss plan and in the rest of your life.

We recommend these three “adjustments” to your mindset, with regard to exercise.

Focus on gradual improvements. Many people exercise for a few weeks and then feel discouraged that they’re not “done” yet. You won’t see drastic changes! But you will definitely see some changes after the first few weeks, so focus on those so that you’re not discouraged by unrealistic expectations.

Set benchmark goals. A reward, or payoff, for hard work is very motivating. When we feel successful, we feel inspired to keep going. So set benchmark goals at intervals that work for you (every two weeks, or every month). At these times you will see progress, and you will look forward to the next success.

Focus on your feelings. Many of us tend to focus too hard on what we see in the mirror, and forget that our medical weight loss program is supposed to transform our health, too! Check in with yourself periodically, and take note of the fact that you feel more energetic, more confident, or healthier overall. When you feel healthy, you will work hard to maintain those feelings!

And of course, check in with us on a regular basis so we can help you monitor your progress. We want to provide all the support you need to be successful with your medical weight loss program.



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