December 12, 2016 mdchino

4 Components of a Winning Weight Loss Program

Weight loss fads have come and gone over the years.  Some turned out to be decent while others (most) failed miserably.  Often they were based on short term dietary changes that led to short term results, at best.  A few were even dangerous and a number of them seemed a bit silly – remember that old fashioned belted machine that just jiggled the belly fat?  So many of these fads promised drastic results using methods that had little, if any, scientific basis.  

However, as we mentioned, sustainable weight loss is certainly within reach for everyone. There are a variety of programs that really do work, but interestingly enough, they all have four things in common.

Vegetables are important. All good weight loss plans encourage you to fill up on nutritious, wholesome veggies. They’re filling, low in calories, and provide the necessary nutrients to support your health.

Protein is vital. Protein is digested more slowly than carbohydrates, keeping your blood sugar levels even. Including protein at each meal helps you to stave off cravings, and keeps your metabolism burning throughout the day.

Sugar is bad. Processed sugar adds empty calories to your meals. Yes, it tastes good, but it increases your caloric intake without providing any beneficial nutrients whatsoever. And the worst thing about sugar is that it’s in just about everything these days! Check your food labels, and you’ll see what we mean. Those hidden calories are lurking around every corner! A good weight loss plan will not only advise you to avoid sugar, but will also teach you how to read food labels and change your snacking habits.

Portion sizes make all the difference. Speaking of teaching you to read food labels, a good weight loss program will educate you on portion sizes. Most people simply don’t know how much they are supposed to eat at any given meal! And it doesn’t help that food labels can be confusing. Eating the right foods is the first step; learning to eat the right amounts of them will help you succeed.

We specialize in helping our clients reach realistic, healthy weight loss goals through an individual medical weight loss program. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can help you learn how to fit the right foods into your nutrition plan. We will also screen you for underlying health conditions that could contribute to difficulty losing weight, and help you decide upon an exercise program that is safe for your current level of fitness.

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