August 9, 2021 mdchino

4 Strategies to Get Through Your Workout

It would be great if you always looked forward to your workouts, smiled throughout them, and finished up feeling satisfied and happy. But that’s not real life. Sometimes we dread our workouts because we’re having a bad day, we didn’t sleep well the night before, or some other reason.

When you’re following a weight loss plan, you want to stick to your workout schedule. So how do you get motivated and push through a tough workout on days that you’d rather relax at home?

Set yourself up for success. You already know it’s going to be tougher than usual, so make a plan to succeed. Invite a friend to go along with you, or post your workout plan on social media. Committing to your workout out loud (or online) will make you want to follow through.

Set benchmark goals. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the whole workout. Set benchmark goals, such as making it to the end of the block, promising yourself just two more minutes, or performing five more repetitions. Focusing on small goals will prevent feelings of overwhelm regarding the entire workout.

Focus on something else. Choose a motivating mantra, and repeat it in your head. Or, dissociate from the workout itself and picture yourself doing something else as you walk or jog. Take yourself out of the workout so that you  aren’t focusing on your reluctance.

Fake it til you make it. Picture a favorite athlete or even an action hero. How would they respond to this challenge? Mimic their thought process and mannerisms if you want to really “get into character”. Yes, you might feel a bit silly, but this strategy is fun and surprisingly effective!

If you experience frustration with your exercise routine or weight loss plan, remember that we’re here to support you. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can help you devise even more useful strategies to stay motivated toward your goals.


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