December 26, 2022 mdchino

4 Ways to Learn to Enjoy Exercise


We all know that exercise becomes an important component of any medical weight loss plan. But just knowing that we need to do it usually won’t give us enough motivation to stick to an exercise routine in the long term. Most of us simply won’t do things that we don’t enjoy, at least not consistently and over any significant length of time.

So obviously, the secret to sticking with an exercise routine is to learn to love it.  But for most of us, that’s easier said than done. If you’ve found yourself struggling to stick to an exercise routine, try these four tips to learn to enjoy it more.

Think back to your childhood… What did you love to do back then? It probably wasn’t running laps around a track or spending every day in a weight room. Kids stay healthy and fit without even trying, because they love riding their bikes, playing tag, rollerblading, going for a swim, and other fun activities that keep them moving. You don’t have to stick to “boring” adult exercises all the time; work in some fun stuff, at least some of the time, and you’re more likely to stick with your regimen.

Get social. Exercise simply isn’t as exciting as heading out to dinner with friends or staying home to chat on social media. That’s because most of us are social creatures, and we feel motivated by the presence of other people. So work that concept into your exercise routine, by signing up for classes, inviting friends for a hike, or joining an amateur sports team.

Change it up. You wouldn’t watch the same TV show night after night, so why would you expect yourself to be entertained by the same exercise routine every day? Changing up your activities will keep it interesting and you’ll feel more motivated to stick with it.

Focus on how you feel. It’s hard to feel motivated by numbers on a scale that are slow to change. Instead, focus on how you feel after exercise; you’re more energetic lately, you’re feeling stronger, or your clothes are fitting more loosely. These factors will encourage you to keep going.

And for more help with your medical weight loss plan, give us a call. We can help you stick to a prescribed eating plan, establish an exercise routine that works for you, and support you as you reach your goals.

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