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4 Ways to Succeed at Dry January

Dry January is trending, probably for several very different reasons. Many people want to lower their alcohol consumption, for health reasons or simply to establish better habits. Others are worried that their holiday drinking became a bit too much of a daily habit. And still others know that eliminating alcohol will support their weight loss plan.

Whatever your reasons, Dry January is a great time to try non-alcoholic cocktails. Drinks can be fun and festive even when they’re zero proof! But just as with alcoholic beverages, many cocktails still pack far more calories that you might expect, due to their ingredients. If you’re replacing alcoholic beverages with mocktails this January, follow this guide to limit calories and continue making progress with your weight loss plan.

Try non-alcoholic beer. Technically, these beers usually contain an extremely low percentage of beer, such as 0.3 percent. But that’s not enough to impair anyone, and even pregnant women partake of these beverages. Most are made from water, yeast, barley, and hops, and contain about 10 to 70 calories per serving, depending upon brand.

Consider alternative spirits. Other drink makers have begun bottling non-alcoholic spirits that can be mixed with sparkling water. Others are actually mock spirits that can be mixed just as you would gins and whiskeys. These usually contain zero or very few calories.

What about kombucha? These fizzy, fermented drinks pack an interesting flavor, and feel festive when poured into a beer or wine glass. Just be sure to check the calorie content; some are made with higher amounts of sugar than others. Some lower-sugar varieties contain around 60 calories per serving.

Experiment with your own mocktail recipes. Try unique blends like blackberry, lemonade, and basil, or soda water with muddled mint and fresh lime. You can find plenty of fun and interesting mocktail recipes online. But again, watch out for added sugar. Fruit juices can be a bit high-calorie as well, so add plenty of plain sparkling water.

If you need more tips to help support your weight loss plan, schedule an appointment with us. We can help you reach your goals while incorporating fun and unique meals and drinks into your regimen.

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