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5 Food Swaps That Make for Healthier Eating

You’ve heard all the tips and tricks, but a successful weight loss plan really boils down to one thing: You must change your habits if you want to change your health. So, a weight loss plan actually becomes an exercise in psychology.

What we know about habits is that’s it’s easier to change a habit into something beneficial, than it is to drop it entirely. So keeping your weight loss plan in mind, we suggest that you make these five trade-offs as you renovate your eating style.

Trade up your rice. Stir-fried veggies and meat over rice can be an easy, nutritious meal solution. But because rice does pack a few carb-heavy calories, we suggest swapping traditional rice for vegetable options like cauliflower rice.

Dump the salad, and opt for soup instead. If you’re bored with salads, try a hearty bowl of soup instead. Soup can contain plenty of important veggies, and helps you meet your hydration requirements. Plus, it’s simply warm and comforting.

Change up your snacks. If you tend to snack on cheese or other calorie-dense items before dinner, you’re probably consuming quite a few calories before you even get to the main course. Gnaw on raw veggies instead, and you can benefit from the filling qualities of fiber. Plus, you’ll get closer to your daily quote of vegetables.

Break up with starch, and replace it with more nutritious veggies. Many of us grew up believing that every meal must include starchy vegetables like potatoes. But those options often pack many more calories. Get the starch off your plate, and replace with steamed broccoli or other nutritious veggies.

Switch up your morning beverage. You might love those indulgent lattes or cappuccinos, but each coffee drink can contain hundreds of calories. Opt for plain black coffee, or sprinkle it with a bit of cinnamon if that idea seems boring. Warm herbal tea might also hit the spot.

Make one adjustment at a time, and then move on when that new practice becomes an easy habit. If you prefer more one-on-one support, give us a call to discuss your weight loss plan. We can help you analyze your daily routine and identify easy changes that you could make to achieve better health.


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