July 2, 2019 mdchino

5 Healthy Living Tips for Busy People

If you’re living the typical busy lifestyle, you know that wellness often takes the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be that way! While dedication to yourself might be the number one way to ensure a healthy lifestyle, these tips can also help you along the way.

Make sleep a top priority. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean committing to regular exercise and a eating balanced diet. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping – or we’re supposed to, anyway – so take a closer look at that part of your schedule. Are you getting enough sleep, and staying asleep throughout the night? Make the necessary changes to pursue healthier sleep habits, to boost your energy and keep hormones functioning correctly.

Make exercise do double duty. Exercise shouldn’t feel like a grueling chore that you tolerate for the sake of your health. Choose activities that are also fun, and you’ll discover that fitting them into your schedule becomes easier. For many people, that means their workout routine does double duty as a social activity. Sign up for fun classes, make hiking dates with friends, or commit to a fitness challenge with your co-workers.

Pay attention to your “food feelings”. Many people don’t pay attention to this until they remind themselves, and they they’re surprised at the results. Some foods might make you feel sluggish or slightly sick after meals, while others give you a boost of energy or positive feelings. Make a habit of noticing your reactions to different foods, and you might find this motivating to continue a healthy eating plan.

Combine nutrients for best results. When meals and snacks consist of protein, complex carbs, and a bit of healthy fats, you will find that your energy levels stay more even and you experience fewer cravings. This can help you stick to a more regular schedule.

Prep your meals the smart way. Prepping for a week’s worth of meals is smart, but requires a time commitment. Look for shortcuts, such as planning several meals that use the same pre-cut veggies, and using frozen fare when appropriate.

Remember that we’re always happy to help you overcome challenges. If you find a healthy eating plan to be difficult, come see us to discuss ways to streamline your regimen.

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