November 6, 2017 mdchino

5 Healthy Ways to Indulge in Autumn Comfort Foods

Here in Southern California, Fall might not bring quite as many weather-related changes as it does to the rest of the country. But still, the weather does cool down a bit from the heat of summer, and those autumn comfort foods seem to be ingrained in our collective psyche. Your body knows that November has arrived, and your stomach demands cool-weather comfort foods!

Some of those comfort food cravings will clash with your weight loss plan, big time. But there are ways of satisfying your cravings without falling off the wagon. Check out these helpful food swaps to see what we mean.

Apple pie. What could be more comforting than a warm slice of apple pie? But all that crust sure piles on the calorie count. The average slice of apple pie contains 347 calories. Substitute cinnamon baked apples instead, and bring your calorie count down to 83 calories.

Pumpkin spice latte. For some people, nothing says “Fall” like a pumpkin spice latte. But the tall serving from Starbucks packs a whopping 300 calories! Yet, if you sub in almond milk, one pump of syrup and no whip, you can get your favorite autumnal beverage down to a manageable 105 calories.

Chili. When that cool weather hits, it’s time to make a big pot of chili and enjoy some football on TV. But classic chili can be relatively fatty, at about 380 calories per serving. If you make it with ground turkey and black beans, you can bring that calorie load down to a much more reasonable 212 calories.

Grilled cheese. Nothing says “comfort food” like cheese and bread! But a single grilled cheese contains about 360 calories, making it a difficult snack to fit into your overall eating plan. Toast a slice of sweet potato with grated cheddar instead, bringing your snack’s calorie load down to 195.

Mashed potatoes. Who doesn’t love a heaping helping of mashed potatoes at dinner? But at 210 calories per serving (and most people eat more than one serving), mashed potatoes can put you over your daily caloric allowance. Try mashed cauliflower instead; it contains a modest 61 calories per serving.

These are just some common comfort food swaps, and you can probably find more ideas by searching online for recipe ideas. The takeaway lesson here is that cravings will strike, but often you can satisfy that urge without sacrificing your weight loss plan. For more help with nutrition and weight loss, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you put together a plan that suits your needs, without sacrificing all of the foods you love.

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