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5 Healthy Ways to Support Your Immune System

Do you ever wonder why we have a “cold and flu season”? Of course, many factors contribute to this annual phenomenon, but staying indoors during cool weather is certainly one factor. Our bodies lack vitamin D due to lower levels of sunlight, and we’re cooped up indoors sharing germs with each other. On top of that, we tend to indulge in starchy or sugary foods during the winter, which can contribute to inflammation in the body. So, it’s no wonder routine illnesses tend to flare up during the winter.

On the other hand, once you begin following a weight loss plan you should be eating healthier foods overall. So your general health should improve and you might find that you get sick less often. If you’d prefer to encourage that effect (and most people do) then you can support your immune system even more by including these five healthy foods in your regular eating plan.

Yogurt with manuka honey. Yogurt contributes probiotics to the gastrointestinal tract, and manuka honey helps to fight off viruses.

Brazil nuts. Most people never think about selenium, a trace nutrient that is vital to thyroid function and detoxification. Luckily, you can get all the selenium you need from a single Brazil nut each day!

Green tea. Tea provides a warm and comforting morning ritual, and makes a healthier substitute for coffee. But it also contains vital amino acids and antioxidants that help you fight stress and inflammation.

Seasonal produce. Eat fresh seasonal produce like sweet potatoes and pumpkin to obtain your recommended daily allowance of vitamins A and C, which serve to support your immune system.  Cook them with immune-boosting spices like ground coriander or cumin for even greater benefits.

Nutrient-dense snacks. Instead of chips and dip, try apple slices with pumpkin seed butter, or veggie sticks with hummus.

You might have noticed that these snacks are not only great for your immune system; they fit right into your weight loss plan, too. For more help with balancing your nutrients, call us to schedule an appointment and we’ll discuss your health and lifestyle priorities.

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