November 7, 2022 mdchino

5 Mistakes That Will Undermine Your Health Goals

As you pursue your medical weight loss plan, sticking as closely as possible to your eating plan and exercise routine will be the key to your success. Yes, we know life happens, and no one is perfect all of the time. But you definitely want to watch out for these five common mistakes.

Completely depriving yourself. Remember to stay within your daily calorie allotment, and don’t try to undercut it! Yes, you really can cut calories too much. When your body goes into “starvation mode” it will slow its metabolism to conserve energy. We want you to be in that sweet spot, where you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming, but without wrecking your metabolism.

Midnight snacking. Toward the end of the day, stress can combine with a calorie deficit to spur some pretty serious cravings. But that’s exactly the wrong time to eat, because you’ll go to sleep with a belly full of calories that won’t be burned through activity. Instead, brush your teeth, try meditating or a distacting activity, or simply go to sleep. Stay out of the kitchen!

Neglecting your sleep. Failing to get enough sleep is another thing that will make your body go into “conservation mode” via stress hormones. When those hormones are flowing, fat stores are reluctant to burn off. So make sure you’re getting eight hours of quality sleep, each and every night, to support your medical weight loss plan.

Weighing yourself constantly. It’s normal for weight to fluctuate a bit during the day, and from one day to the next. If you’re weighing too often, you might become discouraged at confusing numbers on the scale. Instead, focus on weekly weigh-ins so that you can see real progress over time. That is likely to keep you more motivated.

Giving in to social pressure. Friends probably mean well when they encourage you to relax and enjoy a social gathering. But remember that your enjoyment can come from conversation, activities, and meeting new people. Calorie-laden drinks and heavy snacks aren’t the only way to have fun.

And of course, remember that we’re always here to offer the support you need with your medical weight loss plan. Call us if you’re frustrated by your results, and we can help you troubleshoot your program and get back on track.


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