May 3, 2022 mdchino

5 Quick Fixes for Your Walking Regimen

Walking is the most common exercise of choice among our medical weight loss clients. It makes sense that you would choose a form of exercise that you’ve been doing all of your life, can be done just about anywhere, and does not require any special equipment or a gym membership. But that doesn’t mean problems won’t occur. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your walking regimen, apply the following solution so that you can keep your exercise plan on track.

You suffer from low energy/motivation. Some days you just don’t feel like going out for your walk, or you get started and feel tempted to quit early. You might be suffering from low blood sugar, especially if you’re walking long after meal time is over. Try a small snack, like a banana or piece of toast, just before your walk. The carbs will give you a quick boost.

Time of day can also matter, so try switching up your walking schedule if you can.

You’re feeling sore. If you’re in serious pain, you might be pushing yourself too hard. Remember to stretch after exercising, and ice sore muscles in your down time. And if the pain is severe, taking a rest day is probably in order. The last thing you want to do is overtax yourself to the point of injury. Then your exercise routine could be disrupted for weeks.

You’re feeling bored. It’s hard to stay motivated when your walking regiment bores you. Try working out in a different location, reversing your route, or adding a challenge like hills or ankle weights. Inviting a friend to come along can also help. Or, mix up your music playlist and add something new.

You suffer from side stitches. It’s not dangerous, but side stitches can really hurt! If you experience pain in your sides during exercise, you’re probably pushing your diaphragm to work too hard. Slow your pace until the pain recedes.

Your knees hurt. A number of problems can cause your knees to hurt after beginning a walking regimen. Check to be sure your shoes fit properly, and that you’re using correct form when walking (yes, it is possible to walk incorrectly!) And if that doesn’t solve the problem, try walking on a dirt path instead of paved roads, for less impact on your knee joints.

We’re always available to help you with any aspect of your medical weight loss plan. If you experience trouble with your exercise routine or anything else, give us a call and we can offer expert guidance.

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