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5 Reasons to (Mostly) Ditch The Scale

When you’re actively following a weight loss plan, it’s normal to feel excited about seeing results on the scale. Who doesn’t love a reward for their hard work? But we would like to caution you not to get too caught up in that number, especially on a daily basis. In fact, there are five times when you should simply ditch your scale. Don’t look at it, don’t think about it, and definitely don’t step on it! Just leave it there, in the bathroom floor, and wait for a better day to weigh.

You’re constipated. What goes in must come out… but when it doesn’t come out, it adds weight. There’s no point in weighing yourself right now, and subjecting yourself to potential disappointment. Address your constipation, and weigh after the problem has been solved.

It’s nighttime. It’s normal for weight to fluctuate throughout the day, and go up a pound or two by nightfall. Don’t bother stressing yourself with a weigh-in now. Mornings, after you’ve gone to the bathroom and before you’ve eaten breakfast, are the best time for consistent weigh-ins.

You’re on your period. We all know that hormones contribute to bloating, and your weight is unlikely to be reliable at this time of the month. Stick to your weight loss plan and exercise regimen, but skip weighing this week.

You just had a baby. It’s normal to want to get back into your regular jeans as soon as possible. But hormones are still at play right now, and your body needs time to flush out leftover water weight, adjust to breastfeeding, and more. Plus, there’s just no point in triggering depressing feelings right now. Give yourself a few weeks to recuperate, and then you can begin thinking about a weight loss plan if you need one.

It triggers intense negative feelings. If disappointing weigh-ins will trigger intensely negative feelings, skip it until you’re in a better mood. Of course, if this is a regular pattern for you, please bring it up at your next appointment. Hopefully we can offer reassurance, or a referral to someone who can help you deal with these emotions.

Truly, there is no point to daily weigh-ins, for anyone! Sticking to your weight loss plan over time, and exercising patience, is the best way to accomplish long-term weight loss without added frustrations. Come see us for your regular weigh-ins, or otherwise stick to a weekly schedule at home.


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