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5 Signs You’re Getting Healthier


When you’re working toward a weight loss goal, it’s understandable that you might focus on seeing a different number on the scale. However, you should remember that you’re also doing this for your health, and that one number should not be used exclusively as a measure of your success.

If that number isn’t changing as much as you’d like – or even if it is – remember to look for these other five signs that you’re getting healthier.

Your exercise regimen feels more comfortable. In the beginning of this journey, you might have felt like collapsing after a walk, jog, or exercise class. Now, you’re getting through your workouts much more comfortably. Maybe you’ve even added some time or distance to your routine!

You’re getting stronger. When you lift weights, you can perform more repetitions, or the weights feel lighter. It’s probably time to challenge yourself a bit more.

You feel more energetic. Throughout the day, you might notice that you aren’t experiencing those energy slumps that used to plague you. You might wake up every morning feeling refreshed and looking forward to the day, and you have probably noticed that it’s easier to focus on work or household tasks.

You find it easier to follow your eating plan. Changing your health is all about changing your habits. In the past, you might have craved unhealthy foods, because your appetite hormones were out of balance. As you get healthier, you will find that you don’t crave sugar or starches nearly as often. This is because your appetite hormones have been regulated by exercise, a healthier diet high in protein, and adequate amounts of sleep.

You feel happier. Exercise, a healthier diet, more body confidence, and higher energy levels all combine to boost your mood. If you’re getting healthier, you’re feeling happier. And best of all, it shows!

Hopefully you’re noticing at least some of these signs of improved health. If not, your diet and exercise plan might need some tweaking, or you might have an underlying health problem. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can review your progress and make recommendations to help you look and feel your best.

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