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5 Steps to a Fulfilling Morning Routine

You might often hear that “successful people” (whatever that means to you) tend to be early risers. Many celebrities and famous business people are often said to adhere to a strict daily routine, that includes certain early-morning rituals. Theoretically, these morning routines help them to stay calm, focused, and organized so that they can build a successful day. Or, as the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm”.

But maybe you’ve just never been much of a morning person. That’s okay! Many important life skills are not learned until later in life. So no matter how you’ve always lived, there is always time to learn something new.

Start the day with something that makes you happy. No one wants to spring out of bed promptly at 6 am to complete a dreaded chore. Choose something that makes you want to get out of bed, like a cup of warm tea or coffee, a few minutes of solitude for reading, or a short, invigorating yoga routine.

Work with your natural energy levels, rather than against them. If you’re a slow starter who tends to feel groggy for the first two hours of the day, there is no sense in forcing yourself to hit the gym every morning. On the other hand, if you tend to be the Energizer Bunny early in the day, then now is the perfect time for a run or workout.

Prioritize. Most of us need to arrive at work at a certain time. So how much time does that leave you in the morning? If time is limited, complete your top priority task to before leaving home. This task should be the one thing that makes you feel organized and motivated to succeed.

Allow yourself some wiggle room. Remember that whatever type of routine you establish now, you can always change it later if it stops working for you.

Give it time. For the first week or two, your new routine might feel a bit foreign. Give it at least three weeks to feel comfortable, and then re-address your choices as needed.

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