March 22, 2022 mdchino

5 Ways to Reset Your Motivation

At the beginning of the year, you might have decided upon a few New Year’s resolutions. Then you got off to a great start, feeling good about your plans for the year.

But now that we’ve reached the end of March, it’s about the time most people begin to feel a bit less motivated. Maybe your mindset has shifted toward spring cleaning, or you’re just bored with your weight loss plan and exercise routine. Whatever the reasons, take these five steps to get motivated again.

Evaluate your expectations. Did you lose your motivation because you didn’t yet reach a certain goal? Keep in mind that almost no one loses 50 pounds in three months, or gets ready to run a marathon overnight. Evaluate your expectations and set reasonable goals, because we all feel more motivated to continue when our goals are within reach.

Decide upon an exercise schedule that works for you. Your coworker lost weight by getting up at 5 am to exercise every day of the week… But if you’re just not a morning person, this plan might not ever work for you. Choose a schedule that works for you, not against you.

Change your workout. It’s possible that you’re simply bored with doing the same exercises every day. Change up your workout to make it more fun; alter your walking route, add new music to your smartphone, sign up for a class that sounds fun, or invite a friend to work out with you. Whatever makes your routine more exciting, give it a try!

Choose goals that are meaningful to you personally. Maybe you originally wanted to get into shape for your high school reunion this summer… But you’re realizing you don’t care about what those people think. Oops! That’s probably not very motivating, then. Choose a goal that is actually meaningful to you on a personal level.

Try not to focus on the scale. Your weight is only one measure of your success, but if you focus too hard on seeing that number change, you might miss other encouraging benchmarks. Do you feel better and more energetic? Are your clothes fitting more loosely? And what does your doctor say about your blood pressure or cholesterol levels?

On that note, schedule an appointment with us to discuss your weight loss plan. We can help you stay motivated and on track toward your goals.


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