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5 Ways to Create New Habits

January is prime time for resolutions and lifestyle makeovers. Since good health is all about habits, many of you might have decided to change your routines. But of course, that’s easier said than done! Follow these five tips to get rid of old, unhealthy habits, and to create newer, healthier ones.

Set attainable goals. Lofty goals are admirable, but most people get burned out long before reaching them. Set smaller, more attainable benchmarks, and aim to accomplish big changes over time.

Connect new habits to ingrained ones. It’s more difficult to change your habits when the new resolution is something completely unfamiliar. Find ways to incorporate it into your existing routine. For example, if you want to eat more fruit, attach it to a habit you already have. A piece of fruit can replace your regular snack while watching late-night TV, or you can add it to your normal breakfast routine.

Set yourself up for success. Analyze your plan and identify any potential obstacles. Then, work to avoid them before they even happen. Throw away or donate foods that you’re “quitting”. Change your daily commute route to avoid your old donut shop. Commit to a gym membership close to your home or office. Make choices that support your goals rather than working against you.

Change your mindset. Perhaps the best thing you can do to support new habits, is to change your mindset about old ones. If you slip up and neglect your new healthier habits for a day or two, resist the urge to view this event as a “failure”. It’s just a temporary stumble, and you can get right back to your new habits.

Seek professional guidance. It’s easier to meet goals when you’re supported – especially by someone who specializes in health! Call us to schedule an appointment, and we will discuss your old habits and new goals, and your plans for achieving them.

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