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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Through a Difficult Workout

Your alarm clock wakes you from a deep sleep, and your finger creeps toward that snooze button. You really don’t want to pry yourself out of your cozy bed and go for a run. But your finger hovers over the button as you reconsider. You know that you don’t need to skip your workout… How can you motivate yourself to get up and get going?

As much as we wish for the opposite, we don’t always love working out. There will be good days and bad days. On the difficult days, try these five ways to motivate yourself through a challenging workout.

Think about how far you’ve come. Maybe when you first started working out, you could barely perform a single push-up. Or, just walking down to your mailbox had you breathing heavily. You’ve progressed a lot since then! Give yourself a moment to reflect on your success, and feel proud of it.

Reflect on your improved state of health. Many people find that their symptoms of diabetes or heart trouble diminish, or even disappear entirely, once they lose weight. Maybe you’re not there yet, but haven’t you been feeling better overall since you started taking better care of yourself? That’s the real reason you’re exercising and eating better. Looking good in a swimsuit is only a bonus.

Consider the example you’re setting. For some people, doing things only for themselves is not always enough motivation to keep going. But if you have children, you can teach them a great lesson about sticking to your priorities and working toward a goal. If you don’t have children, your friends, significant other, or workout buddies are certainly admiring your progress. Aside from taking care of your own health, you might inspire someone else to achieve their own goals!

Focus on how you will feel afterward. Don’t you always feel energized and proud of yourself after completing a workout? It’s rare that anyone regrets exercise, but we often regret quitting!

Remind yourself of your goals. Look at a picture of yourself from your “thinner days”, take a look at your journal entries where you discuss your goals, or get that slim black dress out of the closet. Whatever your motivation, sometimes you just need a tangible reminder of it so that you can keep reaching for your goal.

As always, consulting with a weight loss physician can prevent injuries and help you lose weight safely. Call us for an appointment, and we will discuss your goals and put together a plan to help you reach them.

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