March 23, 2020 mdchino

5 Ways to Break Up the Boredom at Home

Many of us are stuck at home right now, and we’re all starting to feel a bit bored. In particular, it can be easy to fall into a rut with your workout routine. Your options are limited, so exercise can become less than thrilling at this time. But because you’re still dedicated to your weight loss plan, you want to keep going. Use these five tips to motivate yourself when boredom strikes.

Try a different workout. Yes, your options seem more limited, but you still have plenty of them. If you’re utilizing YouTube or another streaming service, check out a brand new workout. You can try something totally different, from kickboxing to ballet, from the privacy of your own living room.

Experiment with new recipes. Try Indian cuisine, Thai curry, a unique salad recipe, or something else that’s new to you. Even if your regular daily routine is boring, a spicy or interesting recipe can liven up your life.

Sign up for meal delivery. Many meal preparation services cater to dietary preferences – from paleo to low carb and more. Signing up for a meal delivery service can help you learn new recipes and even try new types of produce, with very little effort. All of the instructions are easy to follow, and most meals require about thirty minutes from start to finish.

Continue to increase your difficulty. Maybe you had to switch to body weight exercises, because your gym is closed now. You can still increase the difficulty of your workouts by adding reps, or holding weights as you squat or lunge. Push-ups and planks become more challenging when you elevate your feet.

Set a different type of goal. Yes, you want to make progress with your weight loss plan. But there are other ways to feel healthy and confident. Work on your posture, get better quality sleep, or admire how great your skin looks when you’re properly hydrated. There’s more to life than numbers on a scale!

But of course, we’re still here for you if you have questions about your weight loss plan. Give us a call and we can help you troubleshoot any obstacles you might be facing at this time.


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