December 15, 2020 mdchino

5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Sabotaging Your Goals

When you’re following a medical weight loss plan, the holidays can present challenges. Food is such a central part of our winter celebrations, that it can seem difficult to separate festivities and treats in your mind. But because you don’t want to sabotage your goals, you might be wondering how to enjoy the holidays without your favorite seasonal treats.

It’s true that the average person gains about one pound over the holiday season. And left unchecked for a decade or more, just one pound each year can really add up. On the other hand, fear of a single pound is no reason to give up your celebrations entirely. Just follow these tips to enjoy your holiday gatherings a bit more carefully, with regard to your medical weight loss plan.

Create mini portions. Instead of full-size quiches, bake mini versions, bake stuffing or mac-n-cheese in muffin cups, or serve cocktails in small but fancy glasses. Find ways to make small portions fun and eye-catching, and focus more on presentation than indulgence.

Use a smaller plate. This old trick works just as well at holiday buffets. Simply use a smaller plate, and you will enjoy the visual of a full plate while consuming 30 percent fewer calories.

Sub flavor for sugar. Sugar is packed with empty calories, and can trigger blood sugar swings that sap your energy. Omit 25 percent of the sugar in dessert recipes, and sub in a bit more flavorings like vanilla, cinnamon, or nutmeg. You can barely tell a difference in the taste, but you’ll consume a quarter less simple carbs.

Indulge when it really counts. Release the pressure to be “polite”, and don’t feel obligated to try a few bites of absolutely everything. There’s no sense eating calories you don’t truly enjoy, so just pick a few of your favorite dishes eat help yourself to a reasonable portion of those.

Develop new holiday traditions. In many families, food truly does take center stage during holiday celebrations. But it’s never too late to start new traditions. Take a walk together, start up a game of tag football, sign up for a charity walk, or volunteer for a worthy cause. Together you can make new memories while staying active and healthy at the same time.

If you find yourself needing more guidance with your medical weight loss plan now or in coming weeks, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you identify your holiday challenges and devise a strategy to overcome them.


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