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5 Ways to Solve Exercise Fatigue

Regular exercise is critical to your weight loss plan. But what happens if you find yourself feeling fatigued and sluggish every time you head out for a walk? You’re probably more likely to give up and call it a day, but of course that’s not going to help you reach your goals.

Assuming you’re getting enough sleep at night, one of these five factors might be to blame.

You’re doing too much, too soon. If you haven’t exercised regularly before, don’t beat yourself up about feeling tired in the beginning. Start out with bursts of activity for just a few minutes at a time, rather than trying to head out for an hour-long hike. Go for a ten-minute walk several times per day, and then gradually lengthen your exercise sessions as you feel comfortable.

You’re wearing the wrong shoes. If your feet are hurting, or if you’re over-using other muscles to compensate, you will feel tired more quickly during exercise. Get fitted for the appropriate footwear, such as walking or running shoes.

You’re using incorrect form. If you’re slouching, using an awkward gait, not swinging your arms correctly, or otherwise using poor form, your body will tire out faster. This is because you aren’t using muscles as they’re intended, and you’re placing undue strain on your joints. Make sure you’ve researched the appropriate form for the exercise you’re pursuing, and that you’re paying attention during workouts.

You’re not fueling your body correctly. Food is the body’s fuel, and you will feel worn out if you don’t fuel up for exercise. Avoid cutting calories so low that you feel like you’re starving, and remember to pair complex carbs with protein when you snack. Remember to carry a bottle of water and sip regularly, too, because dehydration can sap your energy.

You have a pre-existing condition. Before you begin an exercise routine, come visit us to discuss your plans. We can screen you for underlying health conditions that can make exercise more challenging, so that you can exercise safely. We will also offer you tips on nutrition to support your weight loss plan, and address any other concerns you might have.



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