November 25, 2019 mdchino

5 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holiday Season

According to new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it can take up to five months to lose the weight you gain between Halloween and Christmas. Yikes! Obviously, avoiding weight gain during the holiday season could save you a lot of trouble and regret in January.

But often when we focus on what we don’t want (in this case, weight gain), we unconsciously manifest that exact situation. That might be because thinking about it, and obsessing over it, just makes temptation look all the more, well, tempting. That can definitely throw a few kinks into your weight loss plan.

If that sounds familiar, it might help to focus on some positive health goals instead, such as…

Commit to your fitness routine. Schedule your workouts, and arrange the rest of your obligations around exercise. In other words, put yourself and your health first. If that means you skip a few food-heavy social occasions, so be it. You’ll attend plenty of others.

Eat before you drink. Many of us want to enjoy a festive holiday cocktail or two, but alcohol can lower inhibitions and make us more likely to overindulge in snacks. So eat something satiating first, and then limit yourself to just one drink (preferably one without a lot of sugar).

Stick with your water quota. It might be a little cooler outside, but now is no time to get dehydrated! Continue drinking water regularly, to keep your energy up and ward off cravings.

Focus on fresh fruits and veggies. If you attend holiday parties, look for the fruit and veggie trays on the buffet first. Fill your plate and enjoy. You’ll have less room for more calorie-heavy options and sugary treats if you fill up on healthy fare first.

Remember your protein. Continue to meet your protein requirements throughout the day, so you don’t get too hungry and trigger cravings.

So what happens if you do enjoy a few holiday cookies? Forget about it and move on. Berating yourself won’t lead to a healthy mindset about food, and definitely don’t use exercise as a punishment. If you need help with your weight loss plan during the holidays, give us a call and we can provide the support and encouragement you need to keep going.

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