September 18, 2017 mdchino

5 Workout Mistakes to Avoid

It’s true that any workout is better than no workout at all. If you can only manage ten minutes, then that’s ten minutes you weren’t doing before! If you can’t run, but you can go for a leisurely stroll, that’s better than nothing! So we definitely want to encourage you to exercise, in whatever way feels best to you, for as much time as you feel comfortable doing it.

But, of course, there are definitely ways to make mistakes. If you’re concerned about whether you’re doing it “right”, check to make sure you aren’t making these common workout blunders.

No recovery days. Some hardcore workout enthusiasts swear by “going hard or going home”. But for most people, it’s very important to take rest days. Your muscles need time to heal and build themselves, and you don’t want to burn out mentally, either.

Not sleeping well. Speaking of rest and recovery, that’s the primary purpose of sleep. And yet, many of us cram a workout schedule into our already packed itineraries, and think that’s good enough to boost our state of health. Sleep is important, too. So if you’re getting up an hour earlier to go run each morning, make sure you’re going to bed an hour earlier as well. Or, if you work out each evening, do your meal preps on Sunday so that your bedtimes don’t get pushed back later and later.

Sloppy form. If you’re rushing through workouts, you’re probably not using the right form. That means you’re risking injury and setbacks. So take your time, learn correct form, and use it every time you work out. It’s better to do less, but correctly, than to rush and try to do more.

Focusing too hard on one area. Maybe you want to get buff arms, so you work your arms five days per week. Or, you covet toned calves, so leg day is every day. It’s good to have specific goals, but in all honesty you could begin to look unbalanced if you focus too hard on one area. More importantly, remember that the main reason to exercise regularly is to improve your health. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise are important, so incorporate both into your routine.

Insufficient nutritional support. Remember that food is fuel for your body. If you’ve changed your activity level by beginning a workout routine, your “fuel” might not be sufficient anymore. You might need to incorporate more protein into your diet, if you’re weight training, or more complex carbs if you’re training for a marathon. And on that note, call us for an appointment to discuss your nutritional needs. We can help with a medical weight loss diet, or just nutritional supports if you’re happy with your weight but want to get into better shape.

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