October 5, 2020 mdchino

6 Daily Habits for Better Health

We often talk about how a weight loss plan is not a temporary “diet”, but a permanent lifestyle change. After all, you want your results to be permanent, so you must permanently change your habits as well. Each of these habits only require a few minutes of your time each day, but can set you up for success.

Prep your meals. Each night, prepare for a healthy breakfast and lunch the following day. When you have everything ready to go first thing in the morning, you’re less likely to “cheat” on your eating plan.

Prepare for exercise, too. Make sure your workout clothes are clean, you know where your walking shoes are, and you have all other equipment you need ready to go. Now you won’t get in a rush and forget something important, and you’ll enjoy your workouts more.

Exercise in short bursts. Aside from your regular workouts, start a new habit of fitting in short bursts of activity whenever you can. Get up and walk vigorously for a few minutes to break up sedentary periods, or practice a few body weight moves during lulls in cooking or other activities.

Bust your stress. Establish a routine that lowers your stress levels and keeps hormones balance. Early morning herbal tea, meditation, yoga, or a walk to clear your mind are common options. But you’re not limited to those; whatever works for you is what you should do.

Create a mindful eating routine. Pay attention to your meals by avoiding screen time or other distractions. Drink a glass of water first, evaluate your emotions and hunger, and take the time to truly savor each bite.

Journal your progress. Take a few moments each day to jot down your meals and snacks, exercise routine, and important notes about your mood or energy levels. As your weight loss plan progresses, your journal can offer valuable insight about what’s working and what needs to change. Most importantly, seeing your progress in black and white can motivate you to keep going!

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