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6 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss Results

Dramatic magazine articles and reality shows often lead us to believe that weight loss is simply a matter of willpower. According to those messages, you can lose weight if you want it badly enough, and never stray from your weight loss program.

In reality, it doesn’t really work that way. Even if you could lose a significant amount of weight through willpower alone, you would just regain the weight once your willpower is exhausted. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by making lasting lifestyle changes, and implementing them realistically. If you aren’t realistic in your methods, then your results won’t last in the real world!

Avoid trends, gimmicks, and fads. Extreme weight loss products are almost always completely unrealistic, and won’t help you keep off any weight that you lose. Do you want to live on powdered shakes forever? No one does, and that’s why weight lost on those programs is usually regained.

Food should be fun. If you imagine that weight loss means giving up all the good foods, and forcing yourself to live on foods you hate, then there’s no way you can expect yourself to keep that up forever. Experiment with recipes that make healthy foods delicious, and allow yourself small amounts of unhealthy treats. It’s about re-learning portion sizes and realistic expectations.

Set achievable goals. Don’t try to lose 50 pounds in a month, or compare your body with that of supermodels (who aren’t real anyway, because their photos are digitally altered). Set a healthy goal to lose 1-2 pounds per week, monitor your progress, and celebrate reaching milestones.

Ask yourself why. Why are you doing this? If you just want to look good at your high school reunion, then you’ll mentally check out after the event is over, and probably regain all of the weight you lost. If you’re losing weight for your health, to set a good example for your children, or something else that will continue to matter in the long run, then you’re more likely to maintain your weight loss.

Learn your body’s cues. Many people who eat for emotional reasons aren’t really familiar with their own body’s actual physical cues. A good weight loss program teaches you how to recognize hunger and fullness cues, a lifestyle change that will last.

Seek expert guidance. Nutrition is a science, and losing weight is a medical endeavor. When you look at it that way, it’s easy to see why medical weight loss leads to more lasting success. Call us to schedule an appointment, and you can receive expert guidance that helps you lose weight – and keep it off forever.

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